Stitch color? Edge color? Pick Stitch? Why do I need to choose?

Don't you dislike being confused when you really just want to buy something and go play golf??

I know I do and it seems as if we have not done a great job covering some of our own "uniqueness".

Jacob Hill by Piedmont is a custom belt and cash cover company, day in and day out.  We have more than 200 belts that can be purchased any time of day or night.  However, we created our company to be a "custom" company, so that you can express your personality with your belt or cash cover.  So, long story short, we have had a lot of questions lately and most of them have to do with stitch colors, what is a pick stitch? what is an X stitch? and what is the "edge" of a belt?  All good questions, so here goes some definitions.

Why do I need to select at stitch color?  You don't, the stitch on a belt is there for aesthetics. The stitch has nothing to do with helping the skin stay attached to the backing.  A contrasting stitch is a very cool way to show team colors or just to reflect your personality.

What is a Pick stitch or an X stitch?  A pick stitch is a hand laced stitch that utilizes a heavier/larger gauge of thread.  It can give a belt a bolder look, as well as give a belt a little bit of a Western theme.  The X stitch is more complex and by way of the lacing pattern, the thread is crossed at the top and bottom edge of the belt creating an "X" pattern.  Again, this is a great aesthetic and is very popular on casual belts and for obvious reasons not suggested for belts that are worn in executive business or formal settings.

What is the "Edge" of a belt?  The edge of a belt is the top and bottom horizontal seam, where the skin and the leather backing meet.  The seam that is created needs to be protected, so that after periods of use, the two do not separate.  Edge coat is applied to these two seams to protect it.  However, we create custom colors for all of our belts, so that we can get as close to a match as possible.  This means, that we can create custom colors to match contrasting stitches, another great way to express your personality or support for your favorite team.

Please feel free to call us for any additional questions on these subjects at 704-879-9477.

Thanks for your time!